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Laminates and solid surface products are the focus of our custom shop.


High pressure plastic laminates in hundreds of colors and patterns are available from Formica, WilsonArt, Nevamar, Abet Laminiati, Arpa, LaminArt, ChemMetal, NuMetal, and TreeFrog. Samples are available in our showroom.

Plastic laminates have been used for decades for countertops in residential and commercial environments.

New colors, patterns and textures make for up-to-date but affordable options for kitchens and other applications. For those who want a vintage look, some mid-century styles have been reissued.



The Ultimate Surface for Any Project! We recommend DuPont Corian and other all-acrylic solid surface products including Hi-Macs, Staron, Meganite, SwanStone and Avonite for the qualities that make them easy to live with as well as beautiful.

     Some advantages are:

     They do not harbor bacteria and do not require sealant.

     They can be coved for seamless backsplashes and edges for ease of cleaning.

     Stains can be scrubbed away.

     Integral sinks have no seams to retain soil, mold or bacteria.

     Joints are nearly imperceptible.

     Surfaces are renewable and repairable.

Quartz Solid Surface Materials
Zodiaq, Caeiarstone, Stilestone, Cambria
As an alternative to Granite we suggest Quartz materials which consist of natural quartz combined with man made polymers to create a beautiful natural looking countertop. Since quartz is combined with polymers they do not harbor bacteria and therefore do not require sealant as the natural stone and marble materials do.
It is not possible to cove or bend these materials so you will have caulk lines at sink areas and where backsplashes are attached.
Quarts materials will very in color due to the nature of natural materials so any seams between sheet material will show and be sealed with adhesive . These materials are more expensive to repair and require an expert in Quartz, but they will give the look of granite with out the work to keep your top sealed. 

We specialize in custom Laminated cabinets and casework made to customer specifications. Regardless of size or style we will make it, because we only do custom work you will not find a showroom full of Laminated cabinets and casework. Bring in your drawings and we will give you a quote. New or replacement cabinet doors in wood or laminates can be made to measure in many styles. We offer the accompanying pulls and other hardware.



Here at Parkmead make your countertops Custom made to your specifications only. If you need a new countertop and do not want a standard run of the mill top we are your answer. Laminate, solid surface or quartz materials we do them all. We Fabricate laminate tops for you or your contractor to install, solid surface and quartz tops are installed by our certified installers.




For commercial spaces or your home we specialize in customized and unique projects and invite your inquiries. We at Parkmead only use the highest quality materials in our fabrication: It's the way we've done business for over 35 years. Give us a call for your next project.

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